Listening Stations

If you've spent time in a broadcast facility, you've seen how everyone wants their own program monitor. It seems like a simple request, but the reality is much different. You have to pull cable, mount speakers, install line selectors, fit distribution amps.

Axia iPlay does away with all that. And its simple, intuitive interface will have your staff listening to networked audio before you can refill your coffee cup.

iPlay turns your networked PCs into mini routing switchers. How? Listen to a satellite downlink using iPlay, and you can capture it while it's playing using your PC's installed audio editing software. How's that for instant gratification? And that's just the tip of the iceberg. Listen to studio program feeds, off-air monitor streams, newsroom channels — if it's on your Axia network, you can listen (and record) it using iPlay. Clients have already thought of dozens of unique applications for iPlay - what's yours?

iPlay saves you time.

iPlay is software that installs on PCs connected to the Axia network and lets listeners hear any available audio stream. Using iPlay is easy - users just pick the stream they want to hear from an onscreen list and presto! They're hearing it through their PC speakers.

With iPlay, there's no time wasted installing hardware, running wires or messing with punch blocks; PCs with iPlay receive requested audio streams via a standard Ethernet NIC.

iPlay saves you money.

You already know how expensive and time-consuming it is to provide program monitoring capabilities to a building full of people. The cost of buying and installing speakers, line selector switches, amplifiers and wires to various offices adds up quickly. The result? Either you wind up spending a wad of cash, or there's far fewer monitoring points than everyone had hoped for.

With iPlay, you can provide monitoring around an entire broadcast facility for virtually everyone, using the speakers and sound card already installed in their computers. So the GM, Program Directors, salespeople, programming staff all get what they want — to hear their choice of air monitors instantly, from any location, with no additional equipment to purchase and install or extra cable to run.

Now just think how much money that will save. Maybe enough to get that cool new spectrum analyzer you've had your eye on...

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