IP-Tablet QSG Video 02 - How to Register

How to Register IP-Tablet Licenses

Once installed on a tablet or PC, the IP-Tablet software must be licensed through a simple registration process.

License registration can be done from the device running IP-Tablet, or from a PC elsewhere on the same network.

To start, make sure the IP-Tablet software is running on the device to be licensed. IP-Tablet instantiates a small http server - by default at port 2080. If from the same device you can browse to localhost:2080. From a different device, browse to the IP-Tablet’s IP address:2080.

From the IP-Tablet administration home screen, click on Setup.

Then Click Licenses.

The license strings have a lot of characters - more than you’d want to enter manually. We suggest you copy and paste your license keys from your confirmation document into the license field. Once a license key is pasted, click Register to activate the license over the Internet.

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