IP-Tablet QSG Video 01 - How to Install

IP-Tablet software may be installed on a tablet or PC running Windows 8 or 10. Windows 10 is preferred. And though a mouse may be used to control IP-Tablet, the application is most useful in a touchscreen environment.

Download the latest IP-Tablet release from the download link provided in your order confirmation, or from ip-tablet.com. This installation ZIP file must be downloaded onto the same Windows device on which you plan to run IP-Tablet.

Unzip the installation file and run the executable file, ip_tablet_setup.exe.

Note the software licence and click “Agree” to continue.

Make sure the IP-Tablet component is selected and click “Next”.

Best to install in the default installation folder, and click “Install”.

The IP-Tablet files will be extracted and installed. When finished, click “Close” to complete the installation.

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