IP-Audio Integrity: 3 Keys to Great Audio Over the Internet

Some people are saying "IP - It's the new ISDN." But others have reported less-than-perfect experiences with audio over IP - especially over the Public Internet. What's the real story? Is it possible to get good or even great-quality broadcast audio over IP for remotes, STL, or other programming and backhaul? And what about the tradeoff of latency (delay) for reliability? 

Kirk Harnack, VP of Telos Systems and a radio group owner and engineer himself, will present IP-Audio Integrity: 3 Keys to Great Audio over the Public Internet in an easy-to-attend webinar. We'll also get advice from Telos Support Engineer, Bryan Jones. Plus Contract Engineer, Dave Anderson, will show how he's using the Public Internet for reliable STL connectivity to 7 transmitter sites and remote studios. 

IP-Audio is here to stay. Learn what you need to make IP-Audio work reliably over IP networks including the Public Internet.

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