G-Force™ & Perfect Declipper Plug-In FAQs

Does Omnia.11 v3.0 software cost money?


No. Omnia.11 version 3.0 is FREE, just like previous system updates. v3.0 does enable two new optional Plug-Ins, G-Force and the Perfect Declipper. These Plug-Ins are the culmination of years of R&D and enable you to turbo-charge your Omnia.11 sound. Rather than put them in a face-lifted box and call it a 'new product', we're giving you the options to purchase an entirely new dynamics engine with the G-Force Plug-In and a revolutionary new algorithm with the Perfect Declipper Plug-In, at a fraction of the cost of buying a new processor.


If I buy a new Omnia.11 how do I get the optional new G-Force™ Engine Plug-In?


You don't have to do anything! G-Force is already included in every new Omnia.11 that ships, and at no extra charge.

How do I download Omnia.11 v3.0?


Click here to visit the download page for v3.0

What if I have an Omnia.11 that I purchased in 2016 and want to add the new G-Force Engine Plug-In? Do I have to purchase it?


No. As part of our Customer Loyalty program, anyone who purchased an Omnia.11 in 2016 gets the G-Force Engine Plug-In free. It's easy. You'll need to install the latest Omnia.11 software update, version 3.0. Once you do that, you simply have to order and install the G-Force Engine Plug-In. As we've said before, it's like getting an entirely new audio processor with cutting-edge Omnia processing, without buying a new box.

And if I have an Omnia.11 that I purchased before 2016 and want to install the G-Force Plug-In?


It works the same way: You simply have to download v3.0 software and purchase and install the G-Force Engine Plug-In, which is $985 for any unit purchased before 2016. We want to emphasize that G-Force is not a simple software update. It is a powerful new engine that you can evaluate for free and purchase as an option.

I have an older Omnia.11 unit, can I try G-Force before I buy it?


Great news! V3.0 contains a series of no-obligation four-hour G-Force demos, letting you take G-Force for a test drive. Here is how the free G-Force demo mode is engaged: Once v3.0 is downloaded, navigate to “Configuration" in the remote control webpage interface. You will see a selectable option: “Traditional” (the original, orange pre-G-Force engine) and “G-Force,” the all-new engine. By switching to G-Force, a four-hour demo period will be activated. Note: Switching between "Traditional" and "G-Force" engines takes about 30-45 seconds. The unit will not pass audio during this process, so customers will want to plan accordingly before test-driving G-Force. Once the G-Force demo is running, one second of silence will mark the end of each four-hour demo period, and the front panel will indicate “Demo Mode.“ When G-force is purchased and installed, the “G-Force” option will remain deployed indefinitely. The “Traditional” mode remains available, and users can switch back to it if desired. Download the v3.0 Release Notes here for more details.

How do I get the optional Perfect Declipper Plug-In?


The optional Perfect Declipper Plug-In —a revolutionary new algorithm developed by Hans Van Zutphen that restores clipped segments and removes distortion in audio recordings—can be purchased for $495. The Perfect Declipper works in conjunction with G-Force, so you'll need to have G-Force Plug-In installed before you can install the Perfect Declipper.

What about adding the Perfect Declipper Plug-In for those who have a new unit with G-Force already installed?


That's even easier. You can simply purchase the Perfect Declipper Plug-In and install it on your Omnia.11, which already has v3.0 and G-Force running.

Is there a Perfect Declipper demo mode?


Not at this time.

Does Perfect Declipper affect the DJ Output?


Yes. Perfect Declipper introduces additional delay right at the input, affecting all of the Omnia.11’s outputs including the DJ output. If you are monitoring off headphones using the DJ Output, you'll either need to forego using Perfect Declipper, or use a different processor for a headphone feed.

Do I need to have any specific information on hand when ordering G-Force or Perfect Declipper Plug-Ins?


Yes, you'll need the serial number and the Hardware ID, or OID file. Download the instructions for ordering your G-Force and Pefect Declipper Plug-Ins for more detail.


Does the "Voltair Mode" in G-Force alter PPM tones?


No. While it gets its name from its sister product, "Voltair Mode" does not alter tones, nor is there a "mini Voltair" inside the Omnia 11. What "Voltair Mode" does is place the encoder in precisely the right place in the processing chain for optimal watermark performance. It works quite effectively with, or without a Voltair in the processing chain. Voltair Mode was made possible by G-Force's dynamics architecture. It leverages some of the unique knowledge we acquired as part of Voltair's development, and speaks to the fact that many of our senior engineers play key rolls in both Omnia and Voltair development teams.


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