Call Management Software Guide

Included Software

XScreen Lite by Broadcast Bionics


Telos VX, Nx6, Nx12, Hx6 and iQ6 multi-line phone systems come complete with XScreen Lite from Broadcast Bionics. When they asked if they could use these products as a platform for their new XScreen product, it took us about a millisecond to say “yes!” Partly because we believe in open standards and the benefits of partnerships, but also because we think XScreen is very cool. XScreen Lite’s interface gives screeners and hosts tons of information and control using sophisticated visual talkback, including a drag and drop database of all calls for your show as well as a phonebook and visual warnings for persistent or nuisance callers.

A fully-functional copy of XScreen Lite comes with your system, but an upgrade to the full XScreen client software adds even more features, including extended call history, an enhanced phonebook, prize management, powerful GPIO functionality plus more. XScreen deployed as part of an Axia Livewire network also enables call recording, editing and console integration directly over the network.


Optional Software

VX+ By Broadcast Bionics

Building a really big phone system? VX+ software from Broadcast Bionics allows you to link multiple VX Engines to provide the power, scale and resilience required for even the most demanding of installations. VX+ facilitates networking and transfer of shows between multiple sites and adds enhanced functionality to the already powerful VX system, including outgoing announcement and voicemail capability. VX+ runs as a service on a Windows PC; enquire with Broadcast Bionics to find out more.


PhoneBOX VX By Broadcast Bionics

Phonebox VX

PhoneBOX VX builds on the global experience and award winning design of Broadcast Bionics' PhoneBOX family of talkshow software. It seamlessly integrates with the Telos VX engine and VSet phones to answer, screen and route calls faster and better than ever before. PhoneBOX VX records every call and provides a split track editor for rapid production of recorded segments. It even acts as a VoIP phone so you can screen calls directly from your PC.

The intuitive PhoneBOX VX user interface keeps you informed at a glance and in control with a single touch. PhoneBOX VX constantly captures useful and important data so you can manage even the most complex contests and talkshows effortlessly. More than just a phone management tool, PhoneBOX VX enables you to integrate callers, emails, SMS, codecs and contest management. It combines the strength of a hardware call routing engine with a rich software feature set.

Please visit Broadcast Bionics For detail information about PhoneBOX VX.



NeoGroupe offers NeoScreener, a call management solution that interfaces Telos NX12, NX6, IQ6, VX, HX6, 2x12 and 2101 systems, allowing for line control and database lookup using caller ID. The solution can interface to NeoWinners which is NeoGroupe’s contest management software. It is designed for radio and television stations that need to manage their flow of incoming phone calls.

NeoScreener also handles external inputs, like SMS, Website, iPhone. Database driven, it enhances the phone-call workflow. With NeoScreener, call screeners can easily welcome calls and present them to the Talent on a specific display. Visit to learn more.

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