Axia StudioEngine FAQs

What is the maximum length of the CANBus cable between PowerStation or an Axia Studio Engine and Element console? And what is the maximum additional length from the console to accessory modules using standard Category patch cables?

The maximum total length of all CANBus cabling associated with a specific Element should never exceed 100 feet (30 m). This includes the length of the power supply cable that connects the Element surface to the PowerStation or Studio Engine, since this is also a part of the CANBus. Best practices dictate keeping the CAN bus length to a minimum: a practical maximum is about 40 ft. Proper termination is also required.

What is the normal temperature for a StudioEngine?

The Engine should be between 40-50 degrees Celsius, with maximum temperature spikes into the 50 degree range. Any piece of gear that is running consistently in the 60 degree Celsius range is not being properly ventilated.

How do I restore a StudioEngine to factory settings?

Press and hold the control knob for 6 seconds during boot up of the device.

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