Axia Console and Engine FAQs

What is the length of the CANBus cable for iQ and Radius?

The supplied CANBus cable is 20 feet (6.1 meters). This is the maximum recommended length.

If I use an Axia audio node to add more mic inputs than the QOR has, can I EQ those as well?

Yes, up to eight voice audio sources can be EQ'd, whether they're attached to the QOR or another Node.

I understand that the QOR engine has a "gateway" to the rest of the Livewire network. If I connect an iQ6 telephone hybrid to it, do I "consume" two of those inputs and outputs?

Yes. There are two operating modes for the QOR's gateway: 12 inputs / 4 outputs, and 8 inputs / 8 outputs. Connecting an iQ6 to your console will consume two inputs and outputs.

Can my console apply equalization to voice channels?

Yes, you can EQ up to eight audio sources for mics, codecs, or other "voice-type" inputs.

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