Audio Routing

Networking revolutionized computing... so why not broadcasting? With Axia, it's easy to build an an excellent routing switcher - as big or as small as you like. All you need are some Axia Nodes (audio network adapters), one or more Ethernet switches (depending upon the size of your desired network), and our PC-based router control package.

Configuring an Axia routing switcher is easy with our software routing application PathfinderPC. Advanced features like Virtual Patchbays, automatic switchover/backup on silence and clock-based scene changes can manage even the most complex assignments, without ever being complicated. Read what a PathfinderPC user has to say in this reprint from Radio Guide.

Plug into the Network.

Getting your audio into the network couldn't be easier. Just connect your source to an Axia audio node; there are models for use with both analog and AES sources. There's even an Axia node that works just like a traditional X-Y router control panel, but with a big difference: audio in and out is available on the same box. Getting audio from PC workstations is even simpler: using Axia, PCs send and receive audio directly to and from the network -- without soundcards or audio converters. 

Budget-friendly? Are we ever.

How much does Axia cost, compared to old-fashioned TDM audio routers? A lot less. Since there's no mainframe, the base cost is low - you can make a small system at very reasonable cost and expand it over time. Even the total cost of a large system will be much lower then older approaches due to the use of standards-based computer networking technology. Want to read more? Download the latest NOW! Catalog for a comprehensive look at Axia products. 

Routing Switcher Bundles, from the Essential to the Extraordinary

Don't see the exact configuration you need? Remember, all Axia switchers are modular. The possibilities are almost without limit. Okay, we do have a 32,000 signal limit, but if you need more, we'll figure out how to do that too.

Essential 32x32 Stereo / 64x64 MonoRouter 

System List Price (MSRP): $16,050


Exceptional 66x66 Stereo / 132x132 Mono Router 

System List Price (MSRP), less switch: $31,905


Extraordinary 132x132 Stereo / 264x264 Mono Router 

System List Price (MSRP), less switch: $63,315

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