Radio Consoles (Mixing)  

Axia, the Studio Audio division of Telos Alliance, was created to bring radio consoles out of the past and into the modern networked, connected world of Audio over IP (AoIP). With Axia Radio Consoles, it's all about the networkability of the audio. No matter where audio is on the network, any console anywhere can access it and feed it to other network resources.

At the core of it all is the Axia Livewire+ AES67 network, which was the very first AoIP protocol invented for broadcast. Livewire+ AES67 goes beyond the AES67 standard to not only pass audio, but GPIO, PAD, and Advertising/Discovery on the network. It's 100% compliant with the AES67 standard, connecting natively with any audio anywhere on the network and avoiding the hassles that come from using proprietary technology like TDM. Livewire is the largest AoIP ecosystem in broadcast, with more than 115+ partners, 8,000 connected Axia consoles, and 100,000 Livewire devices. Being part of this huge ecoystem offers big advantages for broadcasters, while connecting everything via Livewire is faster, easier, and offers real cost and time savings. 

Axia Radio Consoles also deliver the right combo of features: From conventional live studio use all the way to delivering highly automated workflows. You can automate our consoles with the appropriate workflow and working style depending on the operator, the time of day, the show, and the various audio contribution pieces. Contingencies are easily handled as well.

We also offer the widest range of modular Radio Consoles in the broadcast industry so that you can create the ideal console for any studio, big or small, sophisticated or simple. Choose from a continuum of products from traditional surfaces with physical faders to completely virtual consoles and facilities, or a hybrid of the two.

Finally, the pride of ownership you get from owning an Axia console can’t be denied. We use super-sharp OLED displays, machined metal work surfaces with rub-proof markings, optical encoders, avionics-grade switches, and premium faders rated for millions of flawless operations. Axia Radio Consoles have an elegant design that sets off any studio.

Check out all our Axia consoles, AoIP solutions page, visit our Livewire page and contact your Axia Dealer to learn more about why Axia has the most popular radio consoles in the world. 


Radio Console Products

Axia Quasar AoIP Mixing Console - With cosmic precision and otherworldly sound, Axia’s new Quasar sixth-generation AoIP console has native AoIP architecture and delivers the ultimate user experience with limitless production possibilities for radio and specialized TV applications.

Axia Fusion AoIP Radio Console - Our top-of-the-line AoIP radio console, the Fusion is a modular console packed with features and available in frame sizes to support 8 to 40 faders in single or multiple linked frames. 

Axia IP-Tablet Virtual Radio Software - Virtualize the monitoring and control of broadcast gear on a Windows tablet or PC. Modules available for Telos, Axia, Omnia, and other HTML5-enabled gear.

Axia iQx AoIP Console - Appearances can be deceiving. Axia iQx looks like a traditional console, but it’s actually a surface and mix engine rolled into one. With nearly limitless connections, we can’t even fathom the possibilities.

Axia iQ AoIP Radio Console – Build a custom AoIP radio console of 8 to 24 faders, which can be expanded by adding one or more iQ expansion frames (up to a max of three frames per console installation). 

Axia Radius 8-Fader AoIP Radio Console - An all-in-one AoIP Radio console system designed for small standalone or networked studios where no more than eight faders are needed.

Axia DESQ Compact Desktop AoIP Radio Console – This six-fader, two-bus AoIP radio console takes up only 16 inches of desk space, requires no in-console mounting, and is a cost-effective, small-footprint option perfect for small production studios, remote vehicles, content ingest stations, and more. 

Axia RAQ Rack-Mount AoIP Radio Console – Six-fader rack-mounted AoIP radio console provides a convenient way to add a physical mixing surface nearly anywhere, no matter how space-limited.  

Telos Alliance Audio Interfaces (xNodes) - Fully AES67-compliant xNodes are a lightweight, half-rack, high-performance IP-Audio interface solution loaded with advanced features and capabilities. Available in Analog, AES/EBU, Microphone-level, Mixed-Signal, and GPIO versions to handle virtually any signal encountered in today’s broadcast studio.

Mix Engines

PowerStation Integrated Console Engine – For use with Fusion consoles, PowerStation is an all-in-one studio solution that combines audio I/O, a console power supply, mixing engine, and built-for-broadcast network switch into one easy-to-deploy package. 

StudioEngine DSP Mixing Engine – The networked Axia StudioEngine provides bulletproof mixing console signal processing for Fusion mixing consoles, including multiple simultaneous inputs, outputs, mix-minus feeds, monitor signals, and more.

QOR.32 Integrated Console Engine – QOR.32 is an Axia integrated console engine for iQ mixing consoles that combines audio I/O, a console power supply, mixing engine and built-for-broadcast network switch into one easy-to-deploy package. 

QOR.16 Integrated Console Engine – QOR.16 is an Axia integrated console engine for Radius, DESQ, and RAQ mixing consoles, combining audio I/O, a console power supply, mixing engine and built-for-broadcast network switch into one easy-to-install unit.  

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