Broadcast Telephone Solutions

Telos Systems was founded in 1985 by Steve Church, a talkshow radio host and engineer who was dissatisfied with the poor quality of the on-air telephone calls on his shows. He was also an engineer determined to do something about it. The resulting Telos 10 telephone interface system was the first talkshow phone system with digital hybrids and DSP-based processing to create high-quality phone calls on-air, and was a great success, inspiring Steve to build a business to make and sell the systems. 

Telos Systems has since become the industry leader in broadcast telephone systems. Telos telephone hybrids and on-air talkshow systems set the performance benchmark for the industry, and we continue to pioneer groundbreaking technology that pushes boundaries and gives broadcasters the telephony solutions they need for reliability, efficiency, and the best possible sound quality.

As technology advances, so do options for broadcasters large and small and on any type of budget. The Telos VX VoIP broadcast telephone systems, for example, operate on the IP network and pay for themselves in as little as 18 months in cost savings over traditional analog phone lines. Telos means big performance for any facility.

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Broadcast Telephone Products

Telos VX Enterprise

Telos VX VoIP Systems Powerful and adaptable Voice over IP systems for broadcast with legendary Telos high-performance audio.


Telos VSet Broadcast Phone Controller – Powerful, intuitive and flexible system controllers. The VSet family includes the VSet6, a 6-line phone, and the VSet12, a 12-line model.


Telos Hx6 Six-Line Talkshow System – Hx6 is a six-line digital Talkshow system, featuring two high-performance digital hybrids, our famous Digital Dynamic EQ, noise gate, caller ducking, and acoustic echo cancellation. Works with POTS analog phone lines.


iQ6 Six-Line Telco Gateway – Telos iQ6 is a six-line digital phone system designed specifically for use with Axia networked mixing consoles.


Telos Hx1 & Hx2 Digital Hybrids – Telos Hx1 one-line and Hx2 two-line POTS telephone hybrids are the most advanced hybrids ever developed for use with analog phone lines.


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