Audio Delays

Telos Alliance's 25-Seven Systems is the industry standard in time compression and time-shifting, with audio delays that are used at some of the biggest talk stations in the world. Always on the bleeding edge, the brand also reinvented delays adding the unprecedented capability to capture objectionable live content for future review. A crucial part of the AoIP studio, 25-Seven Program Delay Manager continues to be the industry standard for ease of use, transparent audio quality, and program-director friendly features, while Precision Delay addresses applications such as drift between analog and HD Radio transmission signals and broadcast repeater synchronization.


Audio Delay Products


Program Delay Manager – Since its introduction, Program Delay Manager has set the bar for audio broadcast delays. Programmers, engineers, and managers rely on PDM's advanced features, especially PD-Alert, in which two time-stamped audio files capturing what took place both on air and off air are internally archived and e-mailed to the PD every time questionable material is “dumped.” PDM can delay contact closures, RS-232 serial streams, and IP data so that all can be kept in sync with program audio.