AoIP Studios

Telos Alliance invented AoIP for broadcast in the early 2000s with Livewire, the first AoIP protocol for broadcast. It became the cornerstone for our Axia brand. Broadcasters worldwide have used Axia products, powered by Livewire, to create thousands of AoIP studios worldwide.

Broadcasters are now beginning to know enough about AES67 (the AoIP standard, based to a large extent on our Livewire protocol) to understand its primary benefit, which is to help them proceed confidently into a mainstream AoIP infrastructure. On an AoIP backbone, equipment and studios from different manufacturers can interoperate using AES67. This is a huge ‘green light’ to engage AoIP at all levels of the broadcast workflow.

We can help you build your AoIP studio from start to finish, providing solutions on everything from AoIP radio consoles to full AoIP routing solutions to VoIP telephone systems to IP Intercom and beyond. All of Telos Alliance's AoIP solutions help you take full advantage of the benefits this exciting new technology offers, including flexibility to upgrade over time, cost savings, space efficiency, better audio quality, less wire, more efficient workflows, and total interoperability.

We invite you to explore all of our AoIP products below, and contact a dealer to learn more about how to update your broadcast facility to the latest AoIP technology. 

AoIP Studio Products

  AoIP Radio Consoles – 8,000+ facilities use Axia Radio Consoles for mixing, and 100+ partners are part of the Livewire AoIP protocol network. Learn why.
  Routing Control – Routing Control is about getting audio around your studio as efficiently as possible. Learn how we do it all via AoIP! 
  Virtual Radio – Virtual Radio is the future, and the future is here. Learn how Telos Alliance is leading the way in this exciting category. 
  IP Intercom Solutions – Telos Alliance is breaking the mold with IP Intercom Solutions for Radio that unleash the full potential of distributed IP-Audio.
  Broadcast Telephone Systems – Telos gives you more from your broadcast telephone solutions with VoIP and analog products that create more compelling talk content.
    Audio Delays – It's about time! Learn how 25-Seven provides the broadcast audio industry with the most cutting-edge audio delays on the planet.
  Audio Contribution & Distribution (Codecs) – Learn why Telos Audio Contribution & Distribution Codecs are the best way to hear from there!
  Watermarking Monitoring & Enhancement – Learn about some of the most groundbreaking products in broadcast audio in the last decade.
  Broadcast Audio Processors – For 20-plus years, Omnia has been obsessive about broadcast audio processors. Learn how we continue to innovate with what's next.
  Stream Encoders & Processing – Learn how to dial in your stream's signature sound with industry-leading stream encoders and processing from Telos Alliance.


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Everything you need to know to transition to an IP Studio from the folks who invented AoIP for broadcast. There are so many protocols available, with everyone marketing their own version of AES67. How do you know which is right for you? AES67 Compatibility vs. Compliance? What's the difference? Turns out, quite a bit. Learn what these two terms mean, and why it should matter to you. Simply fill out the form and we'll send a free copy to your inbox!