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From 2007 to 2016, streaming revenue grew by 1,064 percent, according to data from the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) and the Radio Advertising Bureau (RAB). Add to this the recent trend in smart home speakers from Amazon, Google, and others that is bringing radio listening back into the home with streaming, and the opportunity for broadcasters can't be ignored. 

Just like you wouldn’t dare send a signal out over the air without audio processing, you shouldn’t send your streams out unprepared either. Without audio processing, your stream will be sorely lacking in the performance arena and may even turn listeners off. And just like you wouldn’t use an AM processor on an FM signal, you need dedicated stream processing designed to maximize a bitrate-reduced audio stream. In other words, you match the medium with processing designed for that medium.

The Z/IPStream Advantage

If you are serious about your sound, then stream encoding and processing from Telos Alliance is the way to go. Sure you can buy a $99 stream encoder and/or find stream encoding software free using “no name” codecs, but ultimately, you get what you pay for.

There is a reason why Telos Alliance Z/IPStream line of software and hardware stream encoders/processors is the broadcast stream leader. It's because we built our first streaming encoder in 1997. While most stream encoders stop at encoding, Z/IPStream products include audio processing from Omnia, the market leader in broadcast audio processing. Each Z/IPStream encoder comes equipped with cutting-edge Omnia processing, whether it is 3-band Omnia processing or Omnia.9 processing. (Most Omnia broadcast audio processors include a stream processing option, as well.) an As an added bonus, because Z/IPStream has Omnia processing built in, it gives broadcasters processing their AM, FM, and HD signals with Omnia a consistent sound in all formats, including streaming. All mediums can lock in your signature sound thanks to consistent Omnia audio processing across the board.

Z/IPStream R2 Stream Encoding and Audio Processing Appliance

Additionally, Z/IPStream features real Fraunhofer (MP3 and AAC) codecs for the best possible sound. Cheap or free stream encoders don’t sound as good. They use open-source knock-offs, meaning you aren’t getting the real deal. They also don’t include all the convenience features that Z/IPStream—designed for stream encoding and processing from the ground up—does. Whether it's a purpose-built hardware appliance or software, Telos Alliance gives you options that meet your needs. 


Z/IPStream Is Reliable

Z/IPStream runs as a Windows Service. This is important because most software programs need to be open to run, which makes them vulnerable to crashing for any number of reasons. Because Z/IPStream is a Windows Service, it doesn’t need to be open on your desktop to work. It runs in the background, making it more reliable. To access your Z/IPStream software, you can login via web browser from anywhere. 

Z/IPStream 9X/2 Stream Encoding & Audio Processing Software


Support When You Need It

So you buy a cheap stream encoder or use the one that came with your automation system, but now you can’t get your stream up and running properly. Who do you call? More than likely, there is nobody to call. With Telos Alliance Z/IPStream products, you get complete 24-7 support for the lifetime of your product. Remember, Telos Alliance employees are mostly former broadcasters, so we know the challenges you face. Our support team is only a phone call away, and has been helping broadcasters with their streams for years. 

For more information on Telos Alliance's innovative and industry-leading stream processing and encoding products, visit the links below, check out our AoIP Studios page, or contact your dealer.


Z/IPStream Stream Encoder & Processing Products


Z/IPStream X/2 Stream Encoder & Processing Software – This third-gen streaming software gets any station started in streaming, no matter the bitrate, codec, or delivery platform. Includes 3-band Omnia processing, adaptive streaming, and real Fraunhofer codecs, including xHE-AAC for low-bitrate applications. 

Z/IPStream 9X/2 Stream Encoding & Audio Processing Software


Z/IPStream 9X/2 Stream Encoder & Processing Software – Everything you'd find in our X/2 streaming software plus full Omnia.9 broadcast audio processing, which includes exclusive “Undo” Technology, the full Omnia.9 toolbox, and much more.


Z/IPStream R/1 Stream Encoder & Processing Appliance – Want a streaming appliance instead of a software solution? R/1 combines audio processing with MP3 and AAC encoding in one convenient, single-rack unit. Supports AAC-LC, HE-AAC, and HE-AAC v2 formats. 


Z/IPStream R/2 Stream Encoder & Processing Appliance – Ideal for high-density processing/encoding applications, R/2 delivers up to eight audio programs in a single 1RU appliance for flexible, multi-format stream-encoding. Available with 3-band Omnia processing or full Omnia.9 processing.


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