Combining the magic of our legacy Omnia processors with the most sought after features in a pre-processor, the Omnia ONE Studio Pro fulfills the needs that our clients have been clamoring for: a lower delay processor for applications that require minimal delay and do not require absolute peak limiting.

The Omnia ONE Studio Pro is the first studio processor to include a four-band compressor/limiter. The flexibility offered by the Omnia ONE Studio Pro’s compressor/limiter allows you precise and accurately defined individual control while pre-processing music, commercials, remote feeds, or sweetening audio. Recording studios, mastering labs, TV stations ... the Omnia ONE Studio Pro can be used anywhere for just about any application where signal processing is needed.


  • Four Bands of AGC.

  • Four Bands of limiting.

  • New "Bypass" settings for the final look-ahead limiter and Bass EQ sections.

  • Time-aligned, dynamically flat crossovers.

  • Selectable phase rotator.

  • Analog, AES3 and Livewire+ I/O

  • Automatic input fail-over on loss of audio.

  • Full remote control via Ethernet port using built-in web interface.


You can also mix n’ match production sound as much as your ear desires with the Omnia ONE Studio Pro’s set-ups, which can be used separately or together for almost unlimited possibilities. They include:

  • Wide-Band Automatic Gain Control.

  • Four-Band Limiter.

  • Four-Band Compressor.

  • Bass Enhancement.



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