The Linear Acoustic® MT2000 Bitstream Analyzer is a portable, handheld diagnostic tool that can monitor and generate Dolby® Digital, Dolby Digital Plus, Dolby E, and PCM bitstreams.

With its built-in test-signal generator, the MT2000 allows audio system integrators and service engineers to quickly monitor and check the integrity and composition of Dolby encoded and PCM signals routed through production, broadcast, cable, satellite facilities, or even a home theater system.


  • ITU-R BS.1770-1/2/3 loudness metering

  • Built-in test-signal generator

  • Accepts signals via MADI, AES, TOSLINK optical, or HD/SD-SDI connectors

  • Optional HDMI and DVB-ASI inputs

  • Optional SNMP monitoring
  • Decodes and outputs Dolby Digital/Plus/E and PCM bitsteams

  • Bright OLED display

  • Built-in monitor speaker

  • Powered by an internal NiMH rechargeable battery pack or from its DC power port via included universal power supply


The MT2000 accepts signals via MADI/AES, TOSLINK™ optical, and HD/SD-SDI connectors. Optional DVB-ASI and HDMI signal inputs are available. The unit identifies the format of the selected input signal and activates the appropriate built-in decoder. Monitoring capabilities include error detection at the AES3 layer and within the coded audio layers, including SMPTE 337 formatting information and Dolby E guard band position.

In addition to displaying audio signal statistics and metadata, the MT2000 includes ITU-R BS.1770- 1/2/3 loudness measurement with selectable Dolby Dialogue Intelligence™ to support ATSC A/85 and EBU R128.

An extensive set of useful Dolby Digital, Dolby Digital Plus, and Dolby E test bitstreams is stored internally, and users can modify the set in the field via software download. The MT2000 can generate the selected bitstreams simultaneously on all output connectors, even while receiving and decoding an input signal. The MT2000 is also capable of generating two-channel PCM signals. In this mode, the user can select the output waveform type (white noise, pink noise, sine, square), amplitude, and frequency. Test signals and analysis are also provided for latency and basic lip sync.

Signals are provided simultaneously via the MADI/AES and TOSLINK optical outputs and can be re- embedded into any of the SDI pairs. Output can be the original input signal, a multichannel PCM decoded version of the input signal, test signals, or, in the case of the SDI output, a combination of all of these. Inputs can be used as sources for embedding even if not used for decoding thus channel shuffling can be easily accomplished.

A bright yellow OLED display and integrated rotary navigation cluster provide straightforward menu navigation and function adjustement. A standard 1/8-inch stereo headphone jack can be switched to monitor any two decoded channels or a downmix of the whole program. An integrated monitor speaker provides a surprisingly loud output useful for quick checks and for emulating sound systems found in portable devices.



Audio Formats

  • Dolby Digital, Dolby Digital Plus, and Dolby E inputs and outputs of test bitstreams; Stereo (AES/ TOSLINK optical) and multichannel PCM (SDI and MADI) input; Live generation of PCM waveforms such as white noise, pink noise, sine, and square waves, latency test signal, A/V sync test pulse (for beep/ flash).



  • ITU-R BS.1770 loudness measurement with Dolby Dialogue Intelligence; Error detection at the AES3 layer and within the coded audio layers, including SMPTE 337 formatting information and Dolby E guard band position.



  • All connectors are 75-Ohm BNC female; Main inputs with 75-Ohm internal termination; Signal levels per SMPTE 276M/AES-3ID-2001. Compatible with consumer S/PDIF connections. AES I/O connectors also serve as I/O for MADI.



  • Auto-sensing 3Gb/s HD/SD-SDI (SMPTE 292M/259M/424M), up to 1080p/60/59.94/50Hz, access to audio and VANC metadata and timecode.



  • Supports consumer IEC 61937 input and output.


DVB-ASI (Option)

  • DVB-ASI (ETSI TR 101 891 v1.1.1) Transport Stream Input (via SDI connector). Audio PID can be selected for decoding and measurement.


HDMI (Option)

  • Supports monitoring of embedded audio bitstreams from set-top boxes and other consumer devices



  • Front Panel Controls and Indicators

  • Rotary joystick navigation cluster plus graphical OLED display



  • 10/100BT via RJ45 for future applications



  • Connection for software updates and future applications.


Metadata Input

  • VANC from SDI input, or embedded metadata from other inputs


Video Reference Input

  • Dedicated VRef input for Dolby E bitstreams


Headphone Output

  • 3.5mm (1/8-inch) side connector, +12 dBu max into 600-Ohms


Power Requirements

  • Internal NiMH rechargeable battery; Power and charge via dedicated DC input


Dimensions and Weight

  • 7.9”H x 4”W x 1.6”D (200 x 100 x 41 mm)

  • Net weight: 3 lbs (1.36 kg), approximate.


Shipping Weight

  • 6 lbs. (2.7 kg), approximate.



  • Fan cooled. Operating: 0 to 50 degrees C, non-operating –20 to 70 degrees C.



North America: FCC and CE tested and compliant, power supply is UL approved.

Europe: Complies with the European Union Directive 2002/95/EC on the restriction of the use of certain hazardous substances in electrical and electronic equipment (RoHS), as amended by Commission Decisions 2005/618/EC, 2005/717/ EC, 2005/747/EC (RoHS Directive), and WEEE.



Standard 2-year limited parts and labor. 90 days for battery.


Supplied Accessories

Carrying case, universal DC power supply, video reference input cable, USB memory stick containing user manual.