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Axia Audio - Networking Broadcasters Since 2003

Original Livewire Team
Steve Church and the Livewire team accept
first of many awards at NAB, 2003

In 2003, when we launched Axia, the networked-audio division of Telos, founder Steve Church made a prediction. “Three things will happen,” Steve said. “First, people will say that ‘it will never work.’ When they’re proven wrong, they’ll say ‘It works, but you don’t need that.’ And finally, as they see Axia becoming successful, they’ll say ‘IP-Audio? We do that too!’”

Steve, as always, was right on the money. In the decade since, Axia Livewire has become the world’s most popular IP-Audio networking technology, and our mixing consoles are the world’s best-selling — they’re on-air in over 5,500 studios, and counting. You’ll find Axia equipment everywhere: at privately-owned stations, and large clusters run by big conglomerates. At established public broadcasters, and at newly-licensed International stations. At government broadcast facilities, and podcast studios. Needless to say, we’re very humbled by the trust broadcasters place in us — and by the enthusiasm you show!

Axia at Universal Studios Florida
Axia consoles are installed in thousands
of studios, like this showcase studio
at Universal Studios Florida.

Being first with new technology is nice, but we’ve never been content to rest on our laurels. So the Telos R&D team (the industry’s largest) continues to innovate and expand the scope of IP-Audio. Axia mixing consoles are the first and only IP-Audio consoles with a pre-configured network switch built in, to save broadcasters the effort and expense of procuring and programming third-party switches. Our xNode AoIP interfaces feature one-button setup, and can run on mains power or Power over Ethernet (PoE), for flexibility and redundancy. We've even engineered xSwitch, the industry's only zero-configuration, built-for-broadcast network switch, to significantly reduce network setup time.

More than 60 Livewire partners believe in the vision of the Connected Studio too. Collectively, they make 70 hardware and software products (ranging from telephone systems to audio processors to program automation) that interoperate directly with Axia networks via Ethernet – making the connections “smart”, and eliminating the need to purchase audio conversion devices.

In keeping with Steve’s vision of equipment interoperability, Axia and The Telos Alliance were charter members of the committee that developed the AES-67 Standard for audio-over-IP interoperability, and our xNodes IP-Audio Interfaces are the very first broadcast product to be AES-67 compatible. To say we’re committed to AoIP interoperability and standards is an understatement!

But in the final analysis, Axia’s success isn’t due to our efforts. It’s you, the broadcast professional, who has embraced our vision, used our technology in ways we never dreamed of, and raved about Axia products to everyone who’d listen. We owe you a huge debt of thanks. And we promise to never stop trying to amaze and delight you.